Moroccan Saffron


We have black Moroccan Saffron of premium quality.

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Moroccan Saffron is not readily available in the United States as are the larger producing countries' saffron. Moroccan Saffron production is small in comparison with the other major players in the international saffron market such as Iran, Spain and India. However, Morocco produces saffron of exceptional quality. TalioineTourists and saffron dealers in Europe, especially Italy and France purchase much of the crop upon its harvest. Rarely is the crop large enough for exporting.

The small town of Taliouine, Morocco's "Saffron Capital", as it has been dubbed, attracts thousands of tourists and sightseers each year in October and November to visit, in awe, the seemingly endless fields of saffron. Taliouine is a town situated between two mountain chains. Saffron grows best at higher altitudes . The finest Moroccan saffron is grown near the Sirwa Mountain in Taliouine and is known as Sirwa brand.

These days there are several hundred hectares of flowers grown on light chalky hillsides at an altitude of between 1200 and 2000 metres Each September the bulbs are planted and come into flower towards the end of October when the harvesting takes place. Harvesting is no easy job, the delicate procedure taking between fifteen and twenty days and only during the early hours of the morning before the flower heads open to the sun.

Taliouine, between Ouarzazate and Agadir, is Morocco's capital of saffron and in ancient times women collect the stigma from each flower - a long and painstaking process - from the wild flowers growing on the mountainside. In more recent times, prior to the 1960s, the Jews of Taliouine helped finance saffron production and trade.

The stigmas are carefully removed, dried and stored in waterproof sacks, well away from direct light in order to preserve the quality and flavour. It is easy to understand the price of saffron once you realise that it takes on average 100,000 flowers to produce a single kilogram of saffron.

The Moroccan saffron we are offering to you is from the 2012 crop and is Sirwa brand. This saffron is 100% pure. The threads are short and have dark red/purple color.Since our Moroccan saffron has been imported in bulk we do our own packaging. Sahar Saffron generously measures, carefully inspects, and individually packages each order guaranteeing our customers the finest product available.