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PEACH TREES are members of the Rose family whose fruits have a peach leaves exporter delicate fragrance and a luscious texture. In China, pink or white skinned Peaches are a symbol of eternal life, and often appear in religious iconography depicted on statues or prints. The Peaches of Immortality grow in the garden of a goddess called the Queen Mother of the West. The Star God Shu -- the God of Long Life -- carries a Peach that grants longevity to human beings. In America, some root workers dry PEACH TREE LEAVES and crumble them into King Solomon Wisdom Oil or Crown of Success, or Oil to help students pass tests; adding Verbena and Sage is said to strengthen the results. We make no spiritual claims for PEACH TREE LEAVES, and sell as a Curio only.

Peach trees are susceptible to invasion by red mites, tree borers, web worms,peach leaves exporter fruit moths and Japanese beetles. Generally, it is easy to identify an insect pest. Wet spots and small holes on the trunk and branches of the tree are indicative of a borer infestation, while leaf damage indicates the presence of Japanese beetles or fruit moths, and webs on the underside of leaves or branch tips suggest an invasion of red mites or web worms.

Taste Repellent Insects that chew on leaves do so because they are partial to the flavor of the foliage. To repel leaf-eaters, cover the leaves with a foul-tasting substance. To make a homemade concoction that insects will find unappealing, peach leaves exporter combine 1 teaspoon of hot pepper sauce, six cloves of fresh garlic and 1 cup of water, and blend the ingredients until the mixture is smooth. Add this mixture to 1 quart of lukewarm water and let it sit overnight. Pour the solution through a coffee filter to get rid of any solids, then add ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Transfer the repellent to the canister of a hose-end sprayer and use it to thoroughly coat the tree.