Mugwort White ( Artemisia herba alba )


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alling hair (crushed and applied to hair), chest, stomach, muscular pains (fumigations), cough, diarrhea, fever, poisoning (to drink and for irrigation), vomit, lungs, flatulence. In literature: mugwort white supplier exporter (and stomach-aches), tonic, diuretic (infusion), skin trouble (internal-external, also cuts). Methods: flowers, seeds, and also the whole plant are boiled, to make a strong tea; Mugwort White Supplier Exporter a light tea, made with young leaves and flowers, is used as a tonic; macerated leaves with olive oil for skin lesions; vermifuge, emmenagogue, diuretic, stomachic, intestinal antiseptic, tonic, cholagogue, depurative, ant diabetic; sedative for palpitations, vermifuge, diabetes. Widely used as a fuel plant and exploited as a pasture plant. Considered a remedy for all kinds of troubles at a wide, popular level, as some proverbs testify

It happened four years ago. I was sitting in front of mugwort white exporter I lost my eyesight, I couldn't see anymore and darkness surrounded me in day light. I realized that something bad was going on. At first I thought it was a stroke. Then, I got up, moved on and managed somehow to find my way in the dark toward my bed in the next room. I sat down on the bed, called my wife, urged her to call the doctor and tell him that all of a sudden I stopped seeing. The doctor instructed my wife to take me to the emergency room. A few minutes later while my wife was still on the phone talking to the doctor, I saw a flash of light and my vision came back as if nothing had happened.

I told my wife to inform the doctor that I regained my sight, but the doctor insisted on sending me to the hospital immediately. In the ambulance I spoke to the paramedic trying to find out what was going on. I had been admitted mugwort white exporter the hospital and stayed there for a couple of days for comprehensive medical examinations.

One day, a doctor from the hemato-oncology unit stepped by and told me: "we have found in your blood test a high level of lymphocytes and a low level of neutrophils which meansmugwort white r exporter you suffer from a blood cancer called C.L.L - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia!. In the meanwhile you may go on with your life as usual but you need to keep being under medical supervision in our oncology unit."

According to her advice I kept coming back every three months for three long years, while the results of my blood test remained the same. During that period my hemoglobin was low and I have been treated with Erythropoietin in order to increase the level.

At the same time changes occured in the lymphatic glands and hard masses were forming till they became so large that they interrupted my everyday functioning. Sixteen months ago Dr. Atias, the director of the Oncology mugwort white exporter suggested that I would get a medical treatment with a cytotoxic medication. I refused and stated that I would rather choose the treatment that I thought is best. Yet I would keep on the medical supervision. She agreed.

I addressed Dr. Mordechai Hochberg and shared my doubts with him. He recommended me mugwort white supplier to consult with a pharmacist at Netzach Israel Pharmacy in Tel-Aviv. It appeared that he had been importing a brand new cure for cancer made of a plant growing in China.

The Pharmacist confirmed that he had the cure on hand and that the price was 300 NIS per month. The plant called Artemisia Arborescens, turned out to be a common aromatic plant called in mugwort white exporter ', also known as 'Shiba'. I decided to try first the 'La'ana' plant growing in my garden.

I googled the key words "Artemisia Cure Cancer" and came up with thousands of fascinating researches, among them a study on an old cure for the malaria disease, a cure that had been discovered in China and which is now the highlight of the study of mugwort white supplier at universities in the U.S.A. Since that day I started drinking an infusion of Artemisia twice a day, morning and evening. I didn't add any sugar since I read in medical reports that sugar weakens the immune system, besides, I liked it as it is.

A month later, the results of my blood test showed an overwhelming transformation. The levels of mugwort white exporter lymphocytes neutrophils were normal. Though the lymphatic glands were still swallowed and hard so I kept on with my habit and drunk my daily 'Shiba tea' for a few more months. The glands that were as big as a fist gradually reduced until they faded away.

The doctor who examined me didn't find a sign to the previous diagnostic. It has been six month now that all the symptoms vanished. A year ago I received the last injection of Erythropoietin and my hemoglobin results showed that I was back on my feet again.