Chamomile Blue Essential Oil


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Blue Chamomile essential oil Has a high content of azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile, which bears a blue color. azulene has anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties. This oil is most suitable as an ingredient for skin care products. Blue chamomile is derived from the German chamomile plant, which is an upright growing annual. There are German chamomile plants that were breed for a high azulene content to use in the manufacturing of medicinal chamomile products.

Roman Chamomile essential oil Is used for its skin healing properties in the manufacturing of body care products, as well as for aromatherapy. It has a very pleasant, soothing, apple-like aroma. The Roman chamomile plant is a low growing, perennial ground cover.

Moroccan Chamomile essential oil Is not from a true chamomile plant. It is used mainly in perfume blends, and for aromatherapy. The plant is an annual that grows in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. This is a product new to the market, it does not have a long history of traditional uses like true chamomile.

Camomile oil skin treatments are another huge industry. Camomile is an ever-present ingredient in lotions and creams, and is especially useful for the treatment of scars and bruises on the skin. When applied directly on the skin, camomile can treat acne as well. Due to the multiple medicinal qualities of this oil, any inflammations of the skin, cuts, boils or abscesses are also treatable. Its most important skin application however is its use as an allergy treatment. Eczema, dry skin, red skin, sensitive skin and urticaria are all relieved when camomile is used directly on the affected areas.

Camomile oil for hair treatment is also very popular. It can protect the hair from harsh climatic conditions and also strengthens roots when used consistently. Camomile oil can prevent dandruff by stabilizing an oily scalp and is also used as a hair lightener. Finally, for all the insomniacs, a camomile oil head massage is a sure fire way of getting a good night's sleep.

Apart from these, there are several other camomile oil uses. It can be used to reduce blood pressure, lessening muscle and joint pain, and treating headaches and toothaches. Camomile oil helps the digestive system in many ways. It ensures bile flow from the liver and promotes the secretion of juices necessary for good digestion. The nervous system benefits from camomile as it helps controlling the occurrence of panic attacks. The properties of this oil are also analgesic and disinfectant in nature. Urinary tract infections can be treated with a compress of camomile oil placed on the lower abdomen or by having a hot bath with a few drops of camomile oil. For much the same reasons, camomile is very effective with any menstrual or menopausal problems. From bloating and fluid retention to menstrual pain, a combination of camomile baths, massages and camomile teas are very popular.