Cactus Flowers ( Cereus grandiflorus )


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here are many varieties of nopal cactus,cactus flowers exporter ranging from Southern Mexico to Canada. Their familiar rounded pads and bushy habit make them easy to identify. There are many species with several variations in pad shape size and color. Some varieties are prized for large juicy fruits, and others for their small spines and thick pads. However, all types of nopal cactus pads and fruit are edible. Function

The pads of the nopal are flayed open and cut into strips that are pickled, sautéed with onions, cactus flowers exporter or blended into a refreshing drink. Consumer reports show that nopal is the fifth most consumed vegetable in Mexico, by weight. The sweet, red fruits, called tuna, taste a lot like strawberries and are used to make jelly and syrup. The raw, inner pads are traditionally used to make an effective drawing poultice for wounds.

Nopal pads are high in minerals and vitamins. cactus flowers supplier Juice made from the inner pads is anti-inflammatory and is used by traditional healers in Mexico to control diabetes, urinary tract infections and relieve inflammation. According to a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital de Especialidades del Centro Médico La Raza, and Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, small doses of nopal extract significantly decreased levels of serum glucose and serum insulin in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients. The specific mechanism by which nopal works is not known, but further clinical trials are underway. The fresh or dried fruit is very high in vitamin C, and is used by traditional healers to strengthen capillaries. Warnings

Handle fresh nopal pads carefully because even so called "thornless" types of cactus flowers supplier nopal have tiny spines hidden on the pads. Sometimes the spines are removed by holding pads over a flame until the thorns have softened and can be scraped away, however this reduces shelf life. The fruits also have tiny glass like spines, and must be handed with tongs or gloves. They are usually cut open lengthwise, so that the inner juice and pulp can be safely scraped out with a spoon.